Middle School Math Bootcamp

Located in Hendersonville TN, Math-In-Motion is excited to bring our 3-Day Middle School Math Bootcamp to White House (hosted by Tennessee Gymnastics). 

Middle school math bootcamp is meant to help students make a smooth transition back into math class and even give them a boost of confidence as they begin the new school year!

The class will review basic problem solving skills, arithmetic, and explore new concepts that students will see in the beginning of their next math class.

Among other math concepts, we’ll spend time with those dreaded word problems and fractions.

Middle School

Math Bootcamp

This bootcamp is designed to help students gain confidence and transition easily from 5th, 6th, or 7th grade math into the next year’s math course. Topics covered include basic problem solving, arithmetic operations, word problems, fractions, and decimals. 


Aug 2nd – Aug 4th
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
2:15pm – 4:15pm.
Cost – $75

Give Them a Boost of Confidence Before Class Even Begins…

Getting ahead of the game before the first class even starts can work wonders! Turn C grades into B’s or B’s into A’s!  Our Bootcamp programs are also ideal for students entering honors programs.

Class sizes are kept small (no more than 10 students) so we can pinpoint each students strengths and weaknesses.