“Homework-Help Club”

"Say Goodbye to Math Homework Headaches and Improve Math Grades!"

We’re excited to introduce our Homework-Help Club!

Math is our specialty and since 1999, we’ve helped hundreds of students make better grades and gain confidence in their math ability with one-on-one math tutoring. And now, due to popular demand, we’re introducing the “Homework Help Club”!

The “Homework Help Club” provides a supportive and math-friendly environment where elementary, middle, and high school students can get expert help with daily math homework. More importantly, we’ll make sure students have an understanding of the math concepts learned in school.

Math homework should be a good thing and reinforce understanding, but too often, students have trouble understanding some or most of it – which may not only frustrate them – but many parents as well!

Math In Motion's "Homework Help Club" Can Help!
Why Join The Math Homework Help Club?
  • Homework Help Club reinforces math concepts learned in math class.
  • Homework Help Club Boosts Student’s Confidence and Math Grades!
  • We don’t just give the answers – we empower students to be problem-solvers.
  • It’s like having a math coach/mentor for up to 4 hours a week outside of class time!
  • It’s Convenient. Drop in any time Monday – Thursday from 3:30pm – 5:30pm
  • It Cost$ a lot LESS than One-on-One Tutoring 
What is the Student to Teacher Ratio?

There will be no more 5 students to 1 teacher. If one-on-one math tutoring will suit the needs of your child better, please check out our one-on-one math tutoring.

Will My Child Get 100% or A+ on All of Their Assignments?

Tutors check homework but students are responsible for all corrections. We teach students how to spot and correct their own mistakes, so in time they can become independent and resourceful learners. We don’t do it for them – we empower kids to do it on their own!

Who Are The Homework Help Tutors?

The Homework-Help Club is led by our director and founder Greg Tucker. He is the lead Homework Help tutor and oversees all of the daily math homework help done by the tutors.

Some of our homework help tutors have taught math in the classroom, some have tutored math to students in one-on-one or group settings, and still others are pursuing degrees for careers in education, special education, or math-related degree such as engineering, etc. 

Most importantly, our homework helpers love to see young people succeed! Motivated math tutors + math homework help = successful and motivated math students!

Homework Help Club
Help from Math Experts who love helping students learn math!

We not only help them with math homework, we help them learn what they need to learn to become good math students.

Who: Elementary, Middle, and High School Math Help is available.

When: Drop in anytime Monday – Thursday from 3:30pm – 6:00pm.

Where: At our Tutoring Center located at 315 W. Main St. in Hendersonville.

$150 per month – (Early Bird Special
Register by Mar. 15th)
Cancel at Anytime.

$175 per month applies for registrations after Mar. 15th.
What’s the Cost?

That’s the best part, so we’re glad you asked (; The Homework Help Club is a very cost-effective way to meet the needs of many students. The Special Introductory Rate is just $150 per month plus a $50 annual registration fee. (Savings of 20% off the regular rate of $175 per month if you register by Mar. 15th). You select the day(s) of the week are most convenient and pre-pay for the month.

Your child will receive up to 5 hours of math homework help per week (20 hours per month)that’s less than $9 per hour! Our Math Homework-Help Club rate is much cheaper than our one-on-one tutoring rate. The Math Homework-Help Club may be all your child needs for better grades in math and increased confidence. Why not schedule a free Homework-Help and evaluation session today to see how we might be able to help.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with your family and helping your child excel!

Give The Homework Help Club a try today – You and your child will be glad you did!