The Math-In-Motion Summer Camp Experience

At “Math-In-Motion” we create experiences where kids are learning math while enjoying the ride!  We bring together the right mixture of math and fun together in a way that’s both engaging and challenging. Whatever your child’s current understanding of mathematics, we will help him/her reach new heights of understanding and appreciation.

Campers will enjoy a week long experience where they will engage in puzzles, games and explorations, both individually and in groups.  Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with each other as they brainstorm ideas and solve problems to achieve common goals.  Whether a student excels at math or is turned off by the subject, “Math In Motion Camp” is all about building campers’ self-esteem and allowing them to see that math is a whole lot more than numbers – it’s about creative solutions to real life experiences.

Our days will begin with a half-hour “warm up” time where our campers, working individually or in pairs, will work on brain boosting puzzles and games specially designed to engage as well as entertain. We’ll then move on to our “Morning Briefing,” a daily meeting to discuss our activities, share our thoughts and get to know one another better. From there, we’ll launch into the A.M. “Field Groups,” where teams of 4 – 5 campers, working with an adult, will conduct different kinds of mathematical investigations, which may take place at our home base or “on the road.” During this time, we’ll have healthy snacks available for our campers.

After a short break where campers can socialize or play a partner game, we’ll return to our field groups and finish our day’s investigation. We’ll re-assemble at our home base for the afternoon briefing, where we’ll summarize the results of our investigations, as well as reflect on the day’s adventures. Each camp for runs for one week, Monday – Friday from 9am – 12:30pm.

The one week camp is $170.  Early Bird Special is $150. We offer sibling discounts.  Be sure to ask about our Refer-A-Camper points program.

Week of June 10 – June 14: Community Church – 381 W. main Street, Hendersonville TN.

Week of June 17 – June 21: Community Church – 381 W. main Street, Hendersonville TN.

No, we do not provide lunch, but you can prepare a bag lunch for your child as we will break for a half hour each day. We will however provide healthy snacks and water for the campers to enjoy between activities. 

Lunch, water bottle, comfortable footwear, sunscreen.

Math In Motion is lead by an experienced team of educational professionals, see “about us” on webpage.

Yes!!! We want to dispel the myths that not knowing the answer and being confused is “bad” and not always knowing the “right” answer and not being confused is synonymous with being “smart”.  These two myths about math are often major roadblocks to learning and enjoying math. At Math In Motion Camps, not knowing the answer and being confused is not “bad” and always knowing the “right” answer is not the same as being “smart”.  In fact, those who excel in math do not know all the answers and may be confused.  They do, however, learn not be afraid to admit they do not know something, are motivated to try different strategies to solve a problem, and are better able learn from their mistakes.

YES!!! In order for true learning to take place, the mind needs to be positively pressed and stretched.  Campers will be challenged to reach a higher level of mathematical thinking than where they started. Rather than focusing on learning “math facts”, using rote memorization, and other traditional methods of teaching math, our campers will readily apply and learn math concepts by being actively engaged in a variety of dynamic games, creative and fun activities.

Math In Motion Camps combine the right mix of fun and learning that will inspire campers to appreciate the elegance and beauty of mathematics while engaging in activities that are both fun and challenging.

Yes, there are three different camp levels:

  • Rising 3rd – 5th graders
  • Rising 6th – 8th graders

Math in Motion Camps are designed for any child, no matter their skill or confidence level in math.  The investigations, hands-on activities, logic games, and puzzles are meant to meet campers where they are, and take them to higher levels of understanding and appreciation in mathematics. Your child may one who has a natural affinity towards math. If so, that’s great. We want to take them to

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Daily schedule for Math In Motion Camp:

8:50 – 9:00am – Campers greeted by staff and checked in

9:00 – 9:30am – Brain Boosting warm up activities

9:30 – 10:45am – Math Investigations

10:45 – 11:00am – Snack Break

11:00 – 12:00pm – Math Investigations

12:00 – 12:30pm – Debriefing / Discussion of Math Investigations / Snacks / Social Time

12:30pm – Pick Up

Register: June 4 – 8
Register: June 11 – 15