What do we do?

‘Math In Motion’ is about Exploration and Discovery!

Sharing the Wonder and Excitement of Math!  Math In Motion’s one week, half-day math camps give kids the chance to experience mathematics in a whole new way.

The camps are intended to build a student’s confidence in their mathematical ability in a way that’s both fun and engaging!

Our campers encounter math through games, explorations, and hands-on activities which promote mathematical thinking in a friendly and creative environment.

Campers with different skill levels increase their understanding and appreciation for a subject that many have often shied away from.

They discover for themselves that math is a subject they can succeed at and their math confidence and self-esteem will increase in the process.

Here are just a few of the activities our students will encounter this summer:

  • How could you figure out the weight of a car using only the air pressure of its tires?
  • How can you double the amount of pizza you get without doubling the price?
  • How can you build a 4-dimensional cube?
  • How can you predict the color of an M&M without taking it out of the bag?
  • How are the lifespans of a human and a soap bubble connected?
  • How can you constructing 3-D Geodesic Structures from Gum Drops?

The Math Camp Experience – FAQ