What do we do?

Math In Motion

Motivating Minds with Math

At Math In Motion, we specialize in math!  Based in Hendersonville TN, we offer expert math tutoring, math homework help, math camps, and test prep for students from elementary school all the way through college.  Our students experience a great rate of success in their math classes as our method caters to the unique needs of each student.

We work with students at all different skill levels helping them to increase their understanding and appreciation for a subject that many have often shied away from.  As they discover for themselves that math is a subject they can succeed at, their math confidence and self-esteem will increase in the process.


Every child is an individual and we treat them as such. We learn and discover their interests and what methods work best for them. One-on-one math tutoring sessions are 60 minutes in length. We also tutor in groups of three students who are all at the same grade level.

Math In Motion is committed to helping students to succeed in mathematics through homework help, individual tutoring, and test prep. We work with students at all levels from elementary school through college.

We realize that helping kids succeed in math is just one step in helping them become successful in their academics but can lead to much more success throughout their lives! We look forward to meeting you…